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Linda Shay

Dolphin Ambassador
for Joyful Living

Gift One

“Calling Forth Your Inner Dolphin”

This MP3 file contains a nine-minute inner-shift experience.

A Message from Linda


Thank you so much for signing up for our e-newsletter. It’s a privilege and a JOY being in connection with you in this way!

I hope you receive tremendous value from this free gift — Calling Forth Your Inner Dolphin! It’s a process that I LOVE to lead people through at my in-person events.

I want to share with you my real-life experience that inspired the creation of this inner process.

In 2003, as David and I were preparing to travel to The Netherlands for the first time to teach our new Dolphin Healing HeArts spiritual school (now Dolphin Heart School), we attended a community-building workshop in Oregon called Naka-Ima. We knew that creating community was a big-picture outcome Dolphin had for our new school.We felt we could gain some valuable knowledge and experience at this workshop.

I was still pretty shy and uncomfortable in groups at that time; I was a one-on-one girl. The first night we gathered, I was standing in the back of a large room filled with people I didn’t know. The facilitator began describing the first connecting exercise we were going to do, which involved walking up to people and making soft eye contact with them, without speaking. I didn’t like the sound of that at all! (I have to laugh, because now I LOVE doing that!!)

As I nervously walked up to my first partner, I felt a spirit dolphin jump into my body. Inside myself, I heard her say, “I LOVE this exercise!” My fear and nervousness vanished. I felt myself connecting with each partner as a dolphin! I actually had FUN doing it, and noticed that my heart kept getting warmer and bigger as each new partner appeared in front of me.

Afterwards, a number of my partners walked up to me. They told me that of everyone they did the exercise with, they felt most comfortable and safe with me. I was deeply touched by that feedback. I knew it was my inner dolphin essence, radiating through me, that created that experience of safety.

I invite you to be creative and courageous in “calling forth your inner dolphin” as you’re out and about in the world in your daily life. It’s very cool to interact silently with all you encounter — in nature, in social settings, wherever — from this inner dolphin state. Have FUN seeing the world through your dolphin eyes… and connecting with others with your dolphin heart!

I’d love to hear about your experiences “being a dolphin” in the world! Blessings on your journey!

In Dolphin Love & Joy,

Gift Two

“Spirit Dolphins — We’re Here to Help”

In this fun, informative and interactive 35-page eBook, Spirit Dolphins — We’re Here to Help!, Linda describes who spirit dolphins are, how you can connect with them and how to engage with them in meaningful ways to bring you more JOY and uplift your daily life on earth.

Each chapter ends with a homeplay assignment that creates an experience to enhance your personal connection with spirit dolphins.

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