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I’m Linda Shay

Dolphin Ambassador
for Joyful Living


I made an important discovery during my dolphin journey: The quality of my relationships determines the quality of my life.

Dolphins are masters of connection.

In my very first spontaneous telepathic encounter with a pod of wild Hawaiian spinner dolphins, I projected a question to them:

“What are you here to teach us?”

“Unity-Community,” was their immediate reply.

Many of us dolphin people have a profound love for animals and nature but we sometimes have a hard time with humans. With the unconditional love and support of our spirit dolphin companions, this seemingly insurmountable obstacle gradually dissolves away and one day you discover that humans are worthy of love too!

It’s a remarkable feeling to fall in love with humanity. Life becomes a lot more free, fun and connected!

Your Inner Dolphin Connection

When we say ‘from Sea to Land,’ it means that we help you make a meaningful and profound connection with these amazing beings — from within.

This sublime, exquisite inner connection with Dolphin can occur anywhere, any time. It’s not dependent upon being with the dolphins physically.

My beautiful dolphin spirit friends have demonstrated to me over and over again, in amazing, clever and sometimes hilarious ways, that they are not limited by time, space, or physicality. And neither are we!

When we make this inner connection with Dolphin and nurture it so that it deepens and grows, we change. We begin to love and respect ourselves more. As our self-love grows, our ability to attract and maintain loving, healthy relationships with others increases. 

Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins Rocked My World!

Dolphin Heart World was born in 1996, shortly after my first encounter with a pod of wild Hawaiian spinner dolphins. In one magical moment, with one remarkable dolphin, I received a profound spiritual initiation that dramatically altered the course of my life.

That very night, people began experiencing spontaneous healings and transformations in my presence.

Soon I discovered I had become a vehicle for the beautiful healing frequencies of the dolphins!

My life became about giving Dolphin Energy Healing to anyone who was willing to receive it. People from all over the world found me and received these healing gifts.

I learned this highly advanced spiritual healing technology directly from the source — from the Dolphin Consciousness. But their healing energy was not just meant for those who came to me to receive. It was meant for me too!

For seven amazing years, Dolphin led me on a profound inner journey of healing, growth and metamorphosis. This journey culminated in my spiritual awakening in January 2003. My book, Dolphin Love … From Sea to Land, tells the story of this wondrous journey.

At Dolphin Heart World, it’s our joy and our passion to meet and journey with Dolphin in the realm of Spirit, where obstacles and limitations don’t exist. We’ve been doing this since 1996 — we’ve gotten really good at it! And it’is our greatest joy to help you do the same.

Podmates Share

This is amazing that we found our way here… That you offer this in this lifetime … it’s just amazing.

  Bart Zimmerman, Texas

I’ve been integrating and employing a joy and flow-of-abundance field that’s impossible for my habitual self to believe — fortunately that version of me isn’t the driver; he’s just a passenger I can hear, accept and then let the bigger dreamer in.

Josh Whiting, Arizona

Wow — what was released was part of the old paradigm — JOY is my birthright.

— Sharon D, Michigan

The Dolphin Attunements had an impact directly on my soul. All my perceptions of the world and myself have changed.

— Greet Somers, Belgium


Thank you for visiting our site. I’m so glad you found us! We know your time is valuable.

May your visit here uplift, nourish and nurture you — and make you smile!

Perhaps you’ve loved dolphins your whole life or you’re just now realizing that you have a special connection with them. Or the whole idea of a special human-dolphin connection may be brand new and a little strange to you!

Whatever your relationship with the dolphins is now, I hope you make some new discoveries while you’re here. You may even find answers to questions that have been eluding you!


Dive into this site and learn about the unique services and products we offer. All we do is in collaboration and co-creation with Dolphin (my affectionate name for the vast, pan-universal Dolphin Consciousness) and other spiritual sources. Our purpose and desire is to nurture and support you in your own inner journey with these profoundly loving, intelligent, wise and joyful beings.

I invite you to explore! No snorkel gear required — just an open mind, a willing heart and an adventurous spirit. Invite the energy and consciousness of the dolphins to flow through you as you browse through these pages.

Then relax, release and surrender to the love — the wonderful, sublime Dolphin Love!