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What is Dolphin Energy Healing

It’s a privilege and a joy to share the beautiful healing frequencies of the dolphins with my beloved human family on land. This is an introduction to this unique and effective energy healing modality. I look forward to facilitating a session for you soon!

Love Heals.
Joy Transforms!

This was the very first message and teaching I received from the Dolphin Consciousness (affectionately named ‘Dolphin’ throughout this site) when my journey with them begin in 1996. I think most humans would agree — dolphins are pure LOVE and JOY!

It’s exciting to realize that it’s not necessary to be in the physical presence of dolphins to receive their healing Love and transformative JOY! Their healing Love, transformative Joy and expansive Consciousness transcends time, space and physicality.

Dolphins are master healers who receive great JOY in helping us humans heal, grow and evolve into greater love and connection with All of Life.

What is Dolphin Energy?

Dolphin Energy is…

What is Dolphin Energy Healing?

• Dolphin Energy Healing is a deeply respectful, highly advanced form of spiritual energy healing performed by the Dolphin Consciousness (affectionately known as “Dolphin”) and facilitated by a certified Dolphin Energy Practitioner.

• Dolphin Energy Healing is not about fixing something that’s wrong. Rather, it’s about nurturing the wholeness that already exists within and bringing that wholeness to the surface.

• There’s an order and flow to Dolphin Energy Healing that’s orchestrated by Dolphin — not the practitioner. Dolphin Energy Healing is an unwinding process. Dissonant energies within the receiver’s physical body and energy field are identified and then transmuted or released in divine order and timing.

• You’ll receive the same energy that you’d receive if you were swimming with the dolphins physically… and often more!

Sessions are virtual, by telephone or Zoom.

How Do I Schedule a Session?

It’s easy! Click the button below to make your payment, schedule your session and read the pre-session tip sheet. Please read this document before receiving your session.

Thank you for your interest in Dolphin Energy Healing. I look forward to sharing Dolphin’s healing Love and transformational JOY with you soon!

What Can You Expect from a Dolphin Energy Healing Session?

“It’s our desire to heal the hearts of humanity — all of humanity.”

— Dolphin


Do you want your heart to be more healed and whole? More open? Do you want more love in your life?

Heart healing is an area of specialty of the dolphins — both the physical heart and the spiritual heart. As our hearts heal and become more whole, we’re better able to give and receive love in our lives, starting with ourselves. Your entire quality of life will improve when your heart is more healed and whole.

Fill Your Cup!

Are you feeling overwhelmed, depleted, directionless or depressed?

Fill your cup with Dolphin love, joy, insight and inspiration. Dolphins hold the vision of a JOYful and LOVE-filled life for all of us. If you’re not living in Love and Joy much of the time, Dolphin would love to support you in filling you up and raising your frequency, so that you can attract more of what you desire into your life.

Whole Being Healing

Are you seeking the return to health, well-being and wholeness on the physical level? emotional? mental? spiritual? All of the above?

Dolphins are master healers. They don’t work in a linear way, on one issue or one area at a time. The dolphins are holographic and multi-dimensional. They can make adjustments on multiple levels simultaneously. The more open you are and the more permission you give, the more they can do in a session.

Whole Brain Functioning

Throughout the 20+ years I’ve spent sharing Dolphin Energy Healing with my fellow humans, I’ve noticed that they work a lot on our brains. A term I often hear during a session of this nature is “whole brain functioning.”


The very first teaching I received from Dolphin was: “Love Heals. Joy Transforms!” The frequency of Joy is a transforming engine. Joy raises your base frequency and elevates your awareness to a higher state of being. From this higher state of consciousness, perceptions shift in a heartbeat and transformation occurs quickly and easily. Dolphin Energy Sessions are deeply transformative!

Receiving a Dolphin Energy Healing Session is a wonderful way to begin your journey with the Dolphin Consciousness! For chronic or long-standing issues or conditions, investing in a series of sessions is optimal.