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It’s the mission of Dolphin Heart World to:


  • Spread dolphin love, joy and healing energy to people on land, demonstrating that it’s not necessary to be in the physical presence of dolphins to be touched and healed by them.

  • Raise public awareness about the gifts the dolphins bring to humanity.

  • Create openings for these gifts to be received.

  • Create Unity-Community by emulating the dolphin way of living and being.

Dolphin’s Perspective on Our Mission

We received a profound communication from Archie, the spokesdolphin of our spirit dolphin council. The purpose of this communication was to elevate our awareness to the bigger picture of what Dolphin and we are doing together. This is what the dolphins told us:

It’s our desire to heal the hearts of humanity — all of humanity.

You’ve used these words but you’re only beginning to let yourself feel them, let alone think about what that’ll mean and can mean.

If we were to speak in terms of time, this school that you’re creating for us and for yourself, of course and for humanity — but this school that you’re creating for us, is part of a progression in time which — of course, it goes back thousands of years but most directly, began, let’s say 60 years ago and continues 200 to 250 years into the future.

And your personal role in this plan extends for — it would be helpful to think of it as extending for the next 40-50 years.

So much for retirement!

This message stirred us to our core. It feels huge. And we know that we’re not doing this alone. We have tremendous spiritual support. In addition, there are so many gifted dolphin ambassadors in the world today. Each has a piece of the exquisite tapestry Dolphin is weaving in and around our planet for the purpose of human and planetary healing. We’re honored to be a part of this inter-species, interdimensional pod of humans and cetaceans. We joyfully weave our rainbow thread into the larger tapestry and make our contribution to the Dolphin vision of a healed and whole humanity.