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Guided Meditations
with Linda and the Dolphins

Open to Dolphin Energy

Do you desire to explore, more deeply, your personal connection to the dolphins?

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Would you like to attract, meet, and journey with a special spirit dolphin whose joy it is to serve you in this life?

Would you enJOY receiving practical, day-to-day Dolphin support and inspiration on your journey toward manifesting your deepest heart’s desires?

Join Shay in the sublime energies of the etheric ocean, accompanied by the sounds of wild Bimini spotted dolphins. Immerse yourself in the healing frequen-seas of Dolphin, and meet your personal dolphin spirit guide! Journey with your special dolphin friend and ask for help in your daily life.

Many of our podmates listen to these meditations every day. Some listen in the morning to start their day. Others listen as they’re going to sleep, so they’ll spend their dreamtime immersed in Dolphin frequencies.

The dolphin sounds on these meditation recordings were contributed by our dear friend, the late Daniel McCulloch, renowned Dolphin photographer and videographer. Thank you, Daniel, we miss you!

Shay’s Opening to Dolphin Energy meditation recording includes three tracks: an introductory talk by Shay and two guided dolphin energy meditations.

Note: The MP3 files of these meditations are included as our free gift to you when you register for your 1st Dolphin Attunement.

The impact of your meditations is very deep. I listen to the 25 min one every morning and the Buzz one whenever my intuition tells me to. They soothe my soul as never imagined. I feel myself shift and shift and shift. It’s very beautiful.

Miki Oshua, South Africa