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Journeys of Discovery with Archie

Channeled by David Rosenthal

Archie describes himself as the Dolphin aspect of Archangel Michael. David perceives him as a very large, bottlenose-like dolphin with a bright golden aura.

Archie is truly a Golden Dolphin. He’s the spokesdolphin for the Cetacean Spiritual Council that’s guided our service in the world from the beginning.

Shay’s book Dolphin Love tells the story of Archie’s first appearance to David in 2003 and includes an entire chapter of his channeled messages.

Archie has stated that his intention for these sessions is to produce genuine change, genuine transformation and genuine and meaningful shifts in your experience and your life. These sessions are journeys of discovery and empowerment rather than readings.

Although questions are encouraged and answers are given, the most powerful parts of these sessions are the direct healing transmissions from Archie. These profound energy transmissions heal and remove blockages in your ability to access your own higher wisdom so that you may approach human life from a higher place in a higher way.

These healing transmissions include Dolphin and Whale energies as well as other energies: trans-galactic, cosmic, holographic and Source energies.

NOTE: You’ll receive an mp3 audio recording of your session.

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Below: Painting of Archie by Bonnie Blue.