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Co-Creators Convergence Interview

In this lively, inspiring, interactive multi-media interview with Gaia Mystic & High Priestess Mare Cromwell, Linda Shay shares about who the dolphins really are and the remarkable gifts they bring to humanity. You’ll experience the Frequency of JOY from Dolphin’s perspective and receive a transmission of beautiful dolphin energy. This interview received rave reviews!

Wise Women Interview

Listen to Linda’s interview that took place during the Wise Women Summit. The Summit was created to reclaim and honor the wisdom of the elder woman. Linda offers her unique vision and gifts.

Dolphin & Whale Tales Podcast

Great interview with Anne Gordon, host of the Souls in the Sea Summit, from Thurs, Sept 1, 2022. Anne is a beloved podmate who graduated from our Dolphin School in 2005.

Starseed Radio Academy

Starseed Radio Academy interview from July 24, 2012. This show lasted for 2 hours. Linda went into great depth, telling stories of her experiences with the dolphins and the Dolphin Consciousness. Many listeners called in with questions that brought out beautiful stories and teachings. Including… Linda’s first mermaid encounter! Highly recommended!

The Self-Love Show

Self-Love: Love & Wisdom from the Dolphins

Loana Morgan turned her whole show over to Linda and David. This show is only 40 minutes long. At the end, Linda leads a beautiful and powerful inner process to lead you into a state of deep and expansive self-love. You may want to listen to this often! 

Align Radio | Mount Shasta Moments

On March 31, 2011, I had the joy and privilege of being interviewed by my dear friend and podmate, Karen Sheeks. Karen was a member of the Northern California Dolphin Healing Hearts pod.

Because Karen has experienced Dolphin School directly, she brings a unique perspective. The love and connection we share is palpable. 

I love this interview! If you’d like to hear me speak about what this work is about, this is an hour well spent. Towards the end, I lead a dolphin energy meditation that will bring you into direct connection with the Dolphin Consciousness and with the pure love and joy that resides within you.

We’ve had several opportunities to speak about the Gift of the Dolphins and our work with the Dolphin Consciousness on podcasts. Each interview includes a guided dolphin meditation led by Linda. These meditations came in intuitively in the moment so each is unique.

Dynamic Transformations

Our interview with Mark Patterson took place on January 19, 2009. This interview delves deeply into the question “Who are the dolphins, really?” 

Dynamic Transformations

by Dolphin Heart World | host Mark Patterson

Six Degrees

Anthony Brice interviewed us on Jan. 13, 2009. This interview a great introduction to our school and the gift the dolphins are bringing to humanity. 

Good Morning Planet Earth

On August 25, 2008, we spent a lovely hour with Daniel Stief and Kaleah LaRoche on Sedona Talk Radio discussing Dolphin Energy Healing and our school. We speak very personally about ourselves and the journey we’ve been on. 

Good Morning Planet Earth

by Dolphin Heart World | Daniel Stief & Kaleah LaRoche

KAZM Radio, Sedona

Listen to this 15-minute interview on KAZM from August 29, 2003. Linda’s sharing about her journey with the dolphins is inspiring. For us, the best part of the interview is her laughter! Listeners tell us they’ve received transmissions of dolphin healing energy just by listening to her voice.