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A Message from Shay

Linda Shay Nai’a

Dolphin Ambassador
for Joyful Living


In the early days of my Dolphin journey, the question I was asked most often was:

“What is Dolphin Energy?”

A different answer came out of me depending on who I was speaking with. I often felt at a loss as to how to put into words the high, fine frequency I recognized and experienced as Dolphin Energy.

And then an answer came in a channeling.

It was so much fun to turn that answer into an audio-visual treasure to support you in receiving and exploring the specific qualities Dolphin chose to describe their healing frequency.

You’re welcome to print out the Dolphin Energy Card to visually represent Dolphin Energy in your home or workplace. Or you can use it as a meditation tool to help you connect more deeply to the beautiful healing frequency of the Dolphins.

I’ve created a short-and-sweet meditation recording to help you get the ball rolling. It’s quite simple, really. And sometimes it’s nice to start something new with a guide.

I’m happy to be that for you. EnJOY!

Love & Blessings,