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Linda Shay

Dolphin Ambassador
for Joyful Living

Your Dolphin Energy Gifts


Here at Dolphin Heart World, our purpose and passion is helping beautiful awakening humans connect with the beautiful dolphins in the realm of spirit and consciousness.

In the realm of spirit, there are no physical boundaries or limitations.

All is possible!

Gift One

Spirit Dolphins — We’re Here to Help e-Book

The Dolphin Spirit interactive eBook will inspire you with ideas and possibilities about how the wise, vast, loving Dolphin Consciousness can help you create a more loving, peaceful, connected, and joyful life wherever you live on Earth.

It’s not necessary to be with dolphins physically to receive their gifts!

Gift Two

Opening to Dolphin Energy Meditation

In the Opening to Dolphin Energy meditation, you’ll meet your personal Dolphin Spirit guide. Having a Dolphin Spirit guide makes the Dolphin connection more accessible, intimate, and personal and fun!

I hope these gifts support you in deepening and expanding your relationship with these magnificent angels of the sea.

They love you so much, and it is their greatest joy to be in service to you.

Oceans of Love & Joy!